Old to New: Our Logo Redesign Process

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Logos. Small but mighty, they have a huge responsibility as they visually encompass who your company is to the world. A design can achieve many things, such as represent the products/services your business offers, become a recognizable symbol to consumers and — most importantly — add personality to your brand! But what people outside of [...]

Market Research Methods: How to Choose the RIGHT One!

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No matter the company, industry, product or service offered, it’s safe to say market research is a must. The thing that most people don’t realize is what the process entails. Do you know which method(s) is/are best for you? Budget, timing and resources all play a factor but there are some basics you need to [...]

Getting Your Project Off the Ground – and Keeping It Moving!

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Where do we start?! It’s a question that’s sure to come up once a client decides to hire an agency. The project is complex and every aspect is absolutely crucial to the client, leaving them feeling understandably overwhelmed. But that’s exactly why they need an agency’s help in the first place. The task at hand [...]

It’s a teaching hospital thing…

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When someone new joins the team here at Array, I give them the "teaching hospital" speech. Well it's more of a philosophy than a speech, and a simple one at that: We need to continue to grow and find ways to teach others what we know. Admittedly, I get a chuckle from the team every [...]